Training Registration

Below are the training events that are still open.  Please select the appropriate event and then click on the appropriate Register button to sign up.

Note:  All new CHIN user licenses must be approved by your CoC. Please contact your CoC representative to gain approval. To find your CoC representative, see .

HMIS Certification Trainings:

These online training sessions are only for new end users.  If you already have a license and enter data into ServicePoint, you do not have to take the online training.  The videos are alos available through our Self Service Center if you’d like to refer to them for technical assistance or refresher training.

HMIS Certification Trainings are now completely online.  There is a series of 13 videos  to be watched, culminating with 3 quizzes that all trainees must successfully pass.  The videos cover the HMIS Data Standards, privacy practices and client consent, and basic data entry.  This training is required for all users before being able to access ServicePoint.  All licenses require CoC approval.

Online Certification Registration (date doesn’t matter-register below)

Price: Free Event

Date: 12/12/2014

Available Spaces: Unlimited

ART – Advanced Reporting Tool Trainings:

All ART trainings are online!

The primary objective of the Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) Training is to show you how to run any of the standard and custom reports in the system. You will learn:

  • How to find reports in the reports library
  • How to complete the report prompts
  • How to save and view the reports you run
  • How to schedule reports so you can receive them on a regular basis

 *You must be a certified end user to attend ART training


Online Art Training (register below, date doesn’t matter)

Price: Free Event

Date: 12/29/2014

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Miscellaneous Events:

No events available…