Governance Committee 

The CHIN Governance Committee is the body responsible for providing guidance to CHIN staff on general HMIS administration as it relates to federal and state government guidelines and the preferences of the Continua of Care of NC.  The CHIN Governance Committee is responsible for recommending HMIS software to the NCHC Board of Directors and for selecting the CHIN Executive Committee.

The CHIN Governance Committee can have up to 23 members:  one representative from each CoC, 3 from the regions of the Balance of State, 1 representative from NC Housing Coalition, 1 from the NC Coalition to End Homelessness, and 1 from the Interagency Council Coordinating Homeless Programs, up to 4 at large seats, and a representative from HUD.

CHIN Governance Committee (Effective June 17. 2014)

Steering Committe

The North Carolina Housing Coalition Board of Directors provides organizational oversight and leadership on all funding, operational and policy issues related to the Carolina Homeless Information Network. The Steering Committee receives recommendations from the CHIN Governance Committee.

Policies and procedures
Guiding Policies and Procedures for CHIN are developed by the CHIN Advisory Committee/Governance Committee.