FY2014 CoC Program Funding Process Competition (NOFA) Closes Today, 10/30

    The deadline for submitting application to HUD is 7:59:59pm eastern time, October 30, 2014. This year’s competition project applications will need to include some data from the HMIS.  Please see “NOFA: What reports should I run for the NOFA” solution on the Self-Service Center for details on how to complete this part of the application.

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    2014 HMIS Data Standards Impact on Reports

    After the update to the 2014 HMIS Data Standards is complete, CHIN will evaluate existing reports to determine which reports need to be updated for the new data standards.  The CHIN Data Committee will prioritize the modifications needed.  The list of reports and update status will be available by October 3.

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    2014 HMIS Data Standards

    Any CHIN users who have not watched the training webinar and passed the quiz, can still do so.  Use the links below, and then email support@nchomeless.org to let us know you’ve passed the quiz.  We’ll check the results and get your license reinstated.