February News


Important February News Updates! 

APR Updates

There are 2 new versions of the CoC APR, CoC APR Detail, and HMIS APR Questions H2 and H3. Those reports have been moved directly from the ART Gallery into the 1-folders. CHIN Staff have not added the cosmetic edits to make the reports more user-friendly. We will be adding those edits today but we wanted to get the reports out to you as quickly as possible.

Here are the revisions to the reports:

APR Revision: Adjusted prompts to appear in the correct order; updated output context for Q26; updated PL values for Q29.

APR Detail: Revision: Adjusted prompt order.

HMIS APR Q H2 and H3:  Revision: Addition of Continuum Project to Provider detail; new Input Controls for CoC Code Errors and Continuum Project Errors; add gray shading to HPRP (retired) projects; updated to new Project Types.

ALSO NOTE: If you continue to get an error when scheduling the APR or APR Detail that tells you your effective date does not match your end date even when it does, you will need to make the TIME match all the way down to the seconds. Bowman has told us they are working on fixing this so that you don’t get the error.

Housing Inventory Chart (HIC)

0629 Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and 0628 HIC Supplement reports will be available in early Feb from the software vendor.  CHIN will make them available as soon as we receive them.


Point in Time (PIT)

There is a new draft version of the PIT available in ART (in the 1-Reports for users / 1-PIT and HIC folder).  Here is what we received from Bowman. Note that they have moved the release date for the final report out a week and are now estimating that the final will be out on Feb 27.:

The name of the report is:

“ZDRAFT0630 – DRAFT2 – Sheltered-Unsheltered PIT 2015 – v11 DRAFT2″
Draft2 includes the following revisions:
a) Correction to the Race Input Controls
b) Addition of input controls for Youth Households
c) Correction to prompt order
d) Adjustment to Additional Info tab to total across rows
e) Addition of BCP (Basic Center Program) Prompt. This prompt allows you to identify any Emergency Shelters that are BCP shelters. Per HUD clarification, the PIT for this project type should only include clients where the FYSB Date (Family and Youth Services Bureau) is on or before the PIT and the FYSB Yes/No is set to Yes. To reflect numbers properly, the providers included in the BCP Prompt must also be included either in the CoC selected or as part of the Providers selected in the Provider prompt.

Here is some additional guidance and advice from our Industry Compliance Officer in regards to this report:

We are working on completing the 0630 User Manual – as soon as it is ready we will make it available to customers who got advance copies of the report.

Until then, customers should refer to this link:

This will help them understand the changes – it is particularly important to read over Race and Youth sections.

Please be aware that the first run of this report will take a while due to the complex logic used in the report. We recommend running it on a small data set first before running it CoC-wide. The other option would be to schedule the report if you simply need to run it.

The final copy of the report will be available in the mapped reports folder after the February ART Gallery update on 02/27/2015.


Scheduling the report would be a good idea.

The prompts are:

Select Provider(s): OPTIONAL – Use this if you want to run it for 1 or more PROJECTS, leave blank if you are a CoC Lead and running it for your CoC

Select BCP Provider(s): OPTIONAL – we think this means use this if you want to run it for a RHYMIS emergency shelter that is a BCP shelter

Select Provider CoC Codes: – select your CoC Code if you are a CoC Lead and running it for your CoC

Select Provider CoC Code(s) RETIRED OPTIONAL – you should be able to leave this blank

EDA Provider – Your agency

Enter effective date – we think this can be the day you are running the report

Enter PIT Date PLUST 1 Day

Enter PIT Date

Include Entry/Exits from ES Data – YES

Include Services/Shelters from ES Data – NO

Enrolled Client with Time in Program

The Enrolled Clients with Time in Program report has been updated. The formula that calculated the time in program has been updated in the agency, CoC, and monthly versions of the reports. If you had scheduled the monthly versions of the report, you may need to redo the scheduling. Version 1.2 is the updated version and appears in the folders for end-users in ART.

Social Security Numbers in the HMIS

The Governance Committee decided that after initial entry, social security numbers (SSN) should no longer be visible in the HMIS.  This means that all SSNs must be entered on the search screen when the client file is created.

If the user does not enter it on the search screen, then it cannot be entered/changed by the user later – they will have to call CHIN to change it. Please be sure to CALL 877-703-3176 with the SSN#–do not send it over email if you need us to record it.

Originally, Bowman was scheduled to apply the patch that blocks Social Security numbers (SSNs) in the HMIS on February 2. Bowman Systems accidentally applied the patch on Tuesday, February 27.  The patch remains effective and social security numbers are no longer visible.

You can contact your CoC’s Governance Committee representative for more information.

Click here for Transition Items from Governance Committee


If you have additional questions please contact the CHIN Help Desk (support@nchomeless.org1-877-703-3176). 


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