Social Security Numbers in ServicePoint


The Governance Committee decided that after initial entry, social security numbers (SSN) should no longer be visible in the HMIS.  This means that all SSNs must be entered on the search screen when the client file is created.

If the user does not enter it on the search screen, then it cannot be entered/changed by the user later – they will have to call CHIN to change it. Please be sure to CALL 877-703-3176 with the SSN#–do not send it over email if you need us to record it.

Originally, Bowman was scheduled to apply the patch that blocks Social Security numbers (SSNs) in the HMIS on February 2. Bowman Systems accidentally applied the patch on Tuesday, February 27.  The patch remains effective and social security numbers are no longer visible.

A note from the Governance Committee about the change:

“As of February 1, 2015 all social security numbers entered into CHIN will be masked so that after initial entry end users will only see the last 4 numbers of the SSN.  If you entered the full number into CHIN,  the data will remain in the database, however you will be unable to see it.  This will provide an enhanced level of privacy protection for your clients.  The last 4 digits of the SSN are the most significant for purposes of identifying and de-duplicating clients – you will still be able to see these digits.  Please be very careful entering the SSNs and double check before you hit save.  Once you save the social security number only an agency or system administrator will have the authority to see/edit the full number.  As MCAH begins to train agency administrators they will be available to assist you.  Until that time,  you will need to call the help desk if you need assistance with a SSN.”

You can contact your CoC’s Governance Committee representative for more information.





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