Online Video Series is here!


Online videos are available for certification training and technical assistance! In conjunction with the Governance Committee, CHIN has released a series of training videos that can be used for certification training or technical assistance.  If you are already a certified end user, and you’ve successfully passed the HMIS Data Standards Quiz, you do not have to sign up for online training.  This video series is intended to replace the face-to-face training sessions that CHIN used to hold.

CHIN will no longer provide face-to-face training sessions.  You’ll still have to register for training on our website, and you’ll have to have CoC-approval in order to get a license.  Here’s a brief run down of the new training process:

  1.  Register online
  2.  You’ll receive a confirmation email
  3.  CHIN staff will confirm license availability with your CoC-lead
  4.  If your license is approved, CHIN will send you an email with a link to an online video series, quizzes, and your end user contract.  Please note–there are 13 videos and 3 quizzes in the certification process.  You must watch all the videos and pass all the quizzes in order to get your log in information.
  5.  Once you pass the quizzes, email CHIN with your signed end user contract.  We’ll confirm your success passing the quiz, and send you everything you need to log in and enter data into ServicePoint!

Please note that starting May 1, 2015,  the CHIN HMIS will be administered by a new agency.  As part of the transition, new training may be required for some/all users.  Your CoC and the CHIN Governance Committee will be providing more information about this in the coming months.  If you have any questions about this, please contact your CoC’s representative to the CHIN Governance Committee: CHIN Governance Committee

Here’s the link to the training registration page:

Also, the same videos are available as solutions via Phaseware/Self Service Center for reference and technical assistance.  You need access to the Self Service Center in order to initially access the videos.  Here’s the links:

1.  CHIN End User Training: Intro to CHIN &

2. CHIN Training Series:  Statement of Privacy Practices

3. CHIN End User Training: Client Consent

4. CHIN End User Training:  The Training Site

5. CHIN End User Training:  Client Profiles & Households

6. CHIN End User Training: Release of Information (ROI)

7. CHIN End User Training:  Project Entry

8. CHIN End User Training: Interim Assessments & Followups

9. CHIN End User Training:  Service Transactions

10. CHIN End User Training:  Referrals

11 . CHIN End User Training:  Project Exit

12 . CHIN End User Training:  ShelterPoint


If you just need to take the Data Standards Quiz  in order to reinstate your license, here’s the link:  HMIS Data Standards Quiz



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