January News


Important January News Updates! 

ART unavailable afternoon-evening Friday January 16

Bowman Systems will be upgrading to ART 3.1 on Friday evening, January 16.  As part of the upgrade, ART will be unavailable from late Friday afternoon through Saturday January 17.

AFTER the ART upgrade is complete on January 17th, all ART users will need to switch versions of Java on their computer. ART users will need to uninstall all currently installed versions and install Java 7 update 72.   Our website has more details from Bowman on how to do this. Remember, do not attempt to change Java versions before the afternoon of January 17th.


Online Training Videos

Online training is now available for both Certification and ART.  You can register for these trainings here.

If you’re just looking for a refresher, or need to brush up on certain data entry skills, you can access all training videos via solutions in the Self Service Center.  Visit our website for more information on accessing the videos.


Point in Time Count

PIT and HIC Guides, Tools, and Webinars from HUD are available here.

CHIN will provide the HMIS PIT report when it becomes available from the software vendor.  We expect to have it in early February.  CHIN will provide instructions on how to run and review the report.  We’ll notify you of its availability via a special newsletter and our website.

In the meantime, you can ensure your HMIS data is complete and accurate.  To do so, the CHIN Data Committee recommends using the following reports:

  • Rapid re-housing (RRH) projects:  RAW_Client_Entries_and_Interims_By_Provider_C-1.3 report (in the 1-Raw Data Reports folder).  RRH projects should ensure that the fields “In Permanent Housing” and “If Yes, Date of Move-In” are complete and accurate for the RRH clients that have been placed in permanent housing.
  • All other projects: Data completeness report card.

Please note that these reports do not constitute a full check of all the data used in the Point in Time report.



0629 Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and 0628 HIC Supplement reports will be available in early Feb from the software vendor.  CHIN will make them available as soon as we receive them.


Raw Data Reports Released

The Raw Data Reports by Providers reports have been moved from the 1- DRAFT Reports folder to the production folders.  The reports include fields on the project entry screen and have been updated to include the fields that were added with the 2014 HMIS Data Standards. These reports can be used to clean up and update the new data standards fields for clients who were enrolled in your project on 10/1/14.

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