2014 HMIS Data Standards Impact on Reports


After the update to the 2014 HMIS Data Standards was completed, CHIN evaluated existing reports to determine which reports need to be updated for the new data standards. The CHIN Data Committee will prioritize the modifications needed. The list of reports and update status is available here.

That file indicates whether a report has been updated (blue shading), is not impacted (green shading), has not been tested AND may be removed from the system per the CHIN Data Committee’s approval (grey shading), or is waiting for further updates (no shading). If your agency uses one of the reports that has not been tested and may be removed from ART, please contact CHIN.

Data Completeness Report Card
The 0252 Data Completeness Report Card has been updated to incorporate the changes to the U.S. Veteran question. Bowman is updating the report to incorporate the rest of the changes in the 2014 HMIS Data Standards. Look for announcements about the new report when released.

Monthly Data Completeness Report Card – Due to the changes in the report following the new standards upgrade, the scheduled Monthly Data Completeness Report Card will no longer be sent to each ART user’s inbox each month. If you would like to receive a monthly report, you will need to reschedule it.

The report is available in the Scheduling/Reports for end users folder in ART. Directions for how to schedule this report are in the link below. Please note that Bowman is working on further updates to this report. Whenever Bowman updates the report, users will have to re-schedule the report.
Click here for instructions for how to schedule the report.

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