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CHIN’s November Newsletter has important updates!


HUD Standards Video/Quiz Reminder
The 2014 HUD Standards video and quiz are still available on our website. If you have not watched the video and passed the quiz, you can access them on our website:
Email when you’ve passed, and we’ll reactivate your account.

All CHIN trainings are moving to an online format. We are working with the Governance Committee on the training modules, and we’ve targeted early December for implementation. We’ll still use the training registration page on, and licenses will still require CoC approval. Once registration is open, CHIN will send out a notice.

Standalone Consent Form Updated
The standalone consent form has been updated to reflect that veteran status is now part of the client file that is visible to all agencies unless the entire client file is locked. If your agency uses the standalone consent form, download the new form here.

Three Questions on Entry Screen Discontinued
The CHIN Data Sub-Committee has discontinued three questions on the program entry screen: “Is client homeless due to foreclosure?”, “Where the client stayed the night before coming to you” and “Secondary reason for homelessness”. The questions have been moved to the bottom of the program entry screen and have been removed from the intake forms. Be sure to download the new intake forms here.

Updating Reports for Changes in HMIS Standards
After the update to the 2014 HMIS Data Standards was completed, CHIN evaluated existing reports to determine which reports need to be updated for the new data standards. The CHIN Data Committee will prioritize the modifications needed. The list of reports and update status is available on PhaseWare [Download: Report update list]

That file indicates whether a report has been updated (blue shading), is not impacted (green shading), has not been tested AND may be removed from the system per the CHIN Data Committee’s approval (grey shading), or is waiting for further updates (no shading). If your agency uses one of the reports that has not been tested and may be removed from ART, please contact CHIN.

Data Completeness Report Card
The 0252 Data Completeness Report Card has been updated to incorporate the changes to the U.S. Veteran question. Bowman is updating the report to incorporate the rest of the changes in the 2014 HMIS Data Standards. Look for announcements about the new report when released.

Monthly Data Completeness Report Card – Due to the changes in the report following the new standards upgrade, the scheduled Monthly Data Completeness Report Card will no longer be sent to each ART user’s inbox each month. If you would like to receive a monthly report, you will need to reschedule it.

The report is available in the Scheduling/Reports for end users folder in ART. Directions for how to schedule this report are in the link below. Please note that Bowman is working on further updates to this report. Whenever Bowman updates the report, users will have to re-schedule the report.
Click here for instructions for how to schedule the report.

SSVF Export in CSV
Friday, November 7, we upgraded to ServicePoint 5.11.5. This upgrade has the SSVF export available in CSV format. See our website for more information.

Change to SSVF Program Entry
The SSVF program entry screen has been updated to include “Coast Guard” as one of the options for the Military Branches question. Please download the updated intake form here.

VA Address Question – Don’t forget this new Data Element for SSVF!
Data Element 4.43, Last Permanent Address, in the new HMIS Data Standards require SSVF projects to record:
• Street address
• City
• Sate
• ZIP code
• Address data quality

DRAFT Reports Released
2 new reports have been released in draft format. They can be found in the 1-Reports for end users / DRAFT REPORTS Oct 23-Dec 2 folder. Please run them and send your comments to

Service_ROI_Comparison_v C.01 DRAFT: This report was built to compare the provider selected for services to the provider selected for the ROI. The report will show clients with services but no ROI. In addition, it will show clients with services from one provider but no matching ROI. This is especially useful for projects like SSVF and others that need to enter 2 ROIs to allow sharing of the services.

WV VI-SPDAT_Housing_Prioritization – v C.01 DRAFT: This report was built in response to a request from an agency. It is designed based on a VI-SPDAT report used by West Virginia’s HMIS. The report lists clients, their VI-SPDAT scores, and the date the client moved into permanent housing. The report includes both the discontinued “Date client moved into permanent housing” field and the field added as part of the 2014 HMIS data standards (In permanent housing?) “If yes, date of move-in”.

RAW Data reports by provider – the Provider versions of the Raw Data reports that show information recorded on Entry/Exit screens have been updated based on user feedback. The new versions are in the 1-Raw Data Report / By Provider folder in ART.

If you have additional questions please contact the CHIN Help Desk (, 1-877-703-3176).

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