ServicePoint Upgraded and SSVF Export in CSV Now Available


Friday, November 7, ServicePoint was upgraded to v5.11.5.  This version has the SSVF export available in CSV format.

Below is more information from the VA Repository Staff:

“The Repository is now open for uploads; we apologize for the delay. The upload deadline this month will be very flexible.

Please use the Upload FY15 Data form (first link on the User Options menu in the Repository) for all uploads. Please DO NOT upload using the Upload CSV or Upload XML forms. Even if an upload using these forms is accepted by the Repository, it will not count as a successful upload for November.

You need a separate Repository program for each separate export you have to produce in order to generate a complete data set for your grant. If you need to add or remove Repository programs for your grant, please contact

The Repository can only process FY15 data exported from your HMIS in the HMIS CSV 4.0 format. This is a new export format for your HMIS application. If you don’t know if your HMIS has — or is working on — an HMIS CSV 4.0 export process, please check with your HMIS Lead. We told HMIS vendors that they would have a week or so at the end of October to test their new export processes with the new Repository validation processes, but that didn’t happen because of late uploads for FY14 data. As a result, they may have a few bugs to work out, which is totally reasonable. Again, the deadline this month will be very flexible.

Please contact if you need assistance with your upload and/or with adding or removing Repository programs.”

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