2014 HMIS Data Standards


Any CHIN users who have not watched the training webinar and passed the quiz, can still do so.  Use the links below, and then email support@nchomeless.org to let us know you’ve passed the quiz.  We’ll check the results and get your license reinstated.

Important Links:

Training Video (approx 40 min)   – Please watch this first!

Training slides (PDF format) – Slides can be used to review concepts in the training video

Quiz- Please be sure to watch the training video first.  Each user will have only 5 attempts to pass the test.

New Intake Form (ESG, HUD, CoC, HOPWA), updated as of 9/30/14, 2:30pm, with HOPWA questions 

New SSVF Intake Form

New PATH Intake Form

4.14. Services Provided Crosswalk (PATH, RHY, HOPWA, SSVF)

4.15 Financial Assistance Provided Crosswalk (HOPWA, SSVF)

4.16 Referrals Provided v1 (PATH)

New HMIS Cheat Sheet v5.11 (includes Service Transactions)

New SSVF Cheat Sheet v5.11

Contact support@nchomeless.org or 877.703.3176 if you have questions regarding users who have passed the test 

Link to 2014 HUD Data Standards Manual

The 2014 HMIS Standards released by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will go into effect in CHIN HMIS on October 1.

Why is this important? 

On October 1, 2014 you will see many changes in HMIS. There are new response categories for all mandatory HUD fields, major changes to universal data elements (UDEs), and program specific data elements among others.

All CHIN users, intake personnel, and executive directors of CHIN participating agencies must be familiar with the new standards in order to ensure accurate client data is being captured in the HMIS.  In order to maintain high data quality for the network, the CHIN Governance Committee has made this training mandatory.

Who should participate? 

  • All CHIN Users: All individuals who have a license, including those who only use their license to run reports or monitor other staff’s data entry.
  • Intake Personnel: Staff who gather information that is put into HMIS. It is essential that the front-line staff that are doing the intake with clients understand the questions and definitions in order to obtain accurate information.
  • Executive Staff: Staff such as executive directors who do not collect data but interact with data through the supervision of data entry or reviewing and using reports.

Is participation required? 

Yes!  Ensuring quality data begins with ensuring that all we all have the same understanding of data standards.

How can users maintain access to HMIS? 

Follow these steps before October 8th at 11:59PM:

  • View the online training video
  • Take and pass a quiz at the end of the training
  • You may review the training and retake the quiz as many times as needed in order to learn and retain the information

All CHIN users must watch the online training video and pass the quiz by 11:59PM on October 8th or their access to the HMIS will be suspended.

Note that you will see new prompts in HMIS beginning Oct 1. It is recommended to review the training before entering data after Oct 1. 


What if I don’t pass the quiz by October 8th? 

CHIN staff will suspend your access to HMIS. In order to maintain access to HMIS you must complete training and pass the quiz.

If your access is suspended you will need to review the training and pass the quiz. Once you pass the quiz, CHIN staff will reinstate your access within 3 business days.


How can I access the training and quiz?

The training and quiz will be conducted via online videos that you can watch at your convenience beginning September 22 at these links:

HMIS Standards Training (available starting Sept 22)

HMIS Standards Quiz (available Sept 22)

If you have additional questions please contact the CHIN Help Desk (support@nchomeless.org1-877-703-3176).

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