CHIN News-June 2014

CHIN Program Changes

Due to a recent restructuring of the CHIN program, we will be saying goodbye to three of our staff at the end of June. Thurston Alexander-Smith started in our Help Desk and Advanced Technical Support departments.  He then transferred his skills over to the Reports Department where he was responsible for ART trainings, report formats, and reports technical assistance.  He did all of this while raising the bar for fashion in CHIN staff. Elizabeth Lockley initially joined CHIN as a part-time report writer, a role that grew as we received more requests for custom reports. Her knowledge of database reports and Microsoft Excel have been immensely valuable to the project. Dr. Rob Tripp has been with CHIN since the early days. He started as a Regional ”do everything” Coordinator, moved to specializing in communications and membership management, and has been the lead in compiling the ESG report. In addition to his daily work with CHIN, Rob presented at several National Human Service Data Consortium conferences.

Remaining CHIN staff will be providing the technical assistance, report training, and membership management services previously provided by these staff members. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition. Please join us in thanking Thurston, Elizabeth, and Rob for their years of service to the HMIS and the CHIN program. 


Bed Utilization Tool Available

CHIN has created a new tool to assist CoC’s in tracking monthly bed utilization rates for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), Emergency Shelter (ES), and Transitional Housing (TH) program types. The tool includes features such as:

  • Simply add the data points and the table does the rest–no equations needed
  • Make graphs that automatically update when data is filtered, added, or edited
  • A special column that allows CoCs to add their own customized group structure for easy filtering and display
  • Rates that are displayed both per program and by program type
  • Table Screenshot directions that allow for quick troubleshooting

The new Bed Utilization Rate Tool is available for you in the Downloads section of the CHIN Self-Service Center.


Solution of the Month

Is there a way to keep a list of clients that I’m providing case management for, so I can quickly access their files?

There are two ways to do this in ServicePoint. You can use the Favorites function – it lets you easily create this list and lets you quickly go to the first 10 clients files on the list using hyperlinks.

Or, you can use the Case Manager function (along with the “My Clients” Counts report) if you have a longer list of clients.

For more information on this subject view the following solutions:

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