CHIN News – April 2013


NOFA Data Quality Follow Up Reports Coming to Your ART Inbox


Starting May 1, each ART user will get an automatic monthly NOFA data quality follow up report to his/her ART inbox.  Along with the network-wide data quality report, this can be used to maintain high data quality for your agency.
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Additional Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) Licenses


Starting July 1, each CoC will get additional free ART licenses based on tiers in the cost structure. Each CoC can decide how to distribute its licenses. These licenses are in addition to the free ART licenses available now (1 per agency and 1 per CoC).

Orange and Northwest – 2 free ART licenses
Cumberland, Gaston-Lincoln-Cleveland, Tri-HIC – 4 free ART licenses
Asheville and Durham – 6 free ART licenses
Forsyth and Guilford – 8 free ART licenses
Wake – 12 free ART licenses
Mecklenburg – 18 free ART licenses
Balance of State – 20 free ART licenses


Housing Inventory Charts


Housing Inventory Charts are due to HUD by the end of April.  CHIN will post the Housing Inventory Report to the Housing Inventory category in the download section of the Self-Service Center for each CoC. This will be posted by April 5th. The information in this report will show what is in CHIN, the inventory will be updated to match the 2013 Housing Inventory Charts submitted to HUD.  Questions on the report or inventory corrections should be sent to the Help Desk.


New Website


Be on the look-out in the coming months for a new CHIN website look and feel.  We will be transferring to a more stable platform allowing for a more effiecient, convenient and user-friendly web presence.


Training Tip of the Month


How to search for clients?

When you search using name and SSN, the system searches and brings back results that match the name or the SSN keywords/characters. The search will also bring back results based on the name field that sound like what you entered; clicking the exact match checkbox will turn this off so that you only get results based on the exact sequence of characters you entered.
For step by step instructions on running an advanced search, you can always go to the search screen in ClientPoint and click on the question mark icon in the top left corner of the ServicePoint window. This will open up a new window with the instructions for using ServicePoint, and the instructions will open to the section in which you were working when you clicked the question mark. The ServicePoint instructions have info about how the search works and some quick examples of how to do searches.


Solution of the Month


How do I cancel/close a referral if I can't provide service or client is ineligible?

If you have incorrectly recorded a referral (the referral never existed), see related solution on how to delete need/service/referral.
Canceling or closing a referral in the manner described below should only be used when the referral has been made but the client cannot be served for any reason (example: client is not eligible, the service is no longer available, all services are full).  A referral can be canceled by either the agency making the referral or the agency receiving the referral.

  1. Open up the referral in question either from ClientPoint or from the Outstanding Referrals report:
    a. In ClientPoint, open the client record. Click on the "Service Transactions" tab. Click on "View Entire Service History" button to show all needs and services for the client.  Click on the pencil to the left of the REFERRAL for the transaction you want to edit.
    b. Run the Outstanding Referrals report (see the report FAQ for this) and click on the "Need Type" for the referral that you want to cancel.
  2. Scroll down to the "Need Status & Outcome" section of the screen.
  3. At the bottom of the "Need Status & Outcome" section, set 
     a. "Need Status" to "Closed" 
     b. "Outcome of Need" to "Not Met"
    This removes the referral from the Outstanding Referrals report
  4. Optional:
    a. If you are the agency receiving the referral, answer "If Need is Not Met, Reason" question at the bottom of the "Need Status & Outcome" section of the screen
    b. If you are the agency that made the referral, answer the "If Canceled, Reason" question at the top of the Referral Data section (just below the Needs Referral Date)
  5. Click "Save & Exit"




You are receiving this e-mail because you are listed as a HMIS contact for the Carolina Homeless Information Network for your community. The information in this e-mail may be very important to the CoC membership in your community. Please distribute appropriately.



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